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I’m in Here - ENGLISH VERSION (Prologue)

Title: I’m in Here - ENGLISH VERSION
Author: Roberta Clemente
Rating: NC/17
Translation: Malu 
Beta: Kelly 
A/N: some thoughts are events that happened on season 5 and may have mistakes... sorry
Summary: Chloe and Oliver are being monitored closely, very closely


Oliver and Chloe's arrival in Star City was clearly hard in the beginning as they were seen with distrust by the public. Even Oliver, the city's golden child, it’s most noble citizen, didn't escape the suspicious looks.  But it was Chloe, a woman unknown until her arrival, who had a target drawn on her back. Her life was immediately scrutinized, her every move observed and chronicled. Everyone wanted to know who was the woman who achieved what no woman had before…..Oliver’s hand in marriage and the Queen name.
Chloe was the puzzle to be unraveled, interpreted and ultimately, judged. By looking far more normal than the women Oliver used to have by his side like the women Oliver used to have by his side  just helped to increase the curiosity and when the pregnancy occurred so soon after the wedding, everyone thought they had finally found the reason for that improbable couple.

Chloe Sullivan, ex Daily Planet reporter, conveniently employed by Queen Industries, cousin of one of Oliver's ex-girlfriends (who was so much more like the type of women people were used to seeing him with) won the ring? With a pregnancy?

Eventually, Oliver was the one who saved the reputation of the woman he claimed to love.  With just one interview he told everyone who Chloe Sullivan really was. Without hesitation, he revealed it was Chloe he was referring to when he revealed he was Green Arrow, the person who meant everything to him and whom he thought he lost.  He said their relationship was no shotgun affair, that they had dated for more than a year leading up until wedding and that he had only waited that long as Chloe’s heart was hard won.

Slowly, public opinion of Chloe started to charge. Rather than a gold digger or social climber, she was now regarded as a strong woman, who didn't care for her husband’s status or power, the one who saved him, won his heart and brought him back home.  Chloe earned respect and approval. Star City’s female population stopped seeing her as competition and she was now seen as a modern Cinderella, living a fairy tale, with her prince, her hero.  She was now the woman who had put Oliver Queen, the playboy, on the right path. Many gave her credit for the stable way Queen Industries and Oliver handled the end of the merger with LuthorCorp and soon she started to be known as the new Laura Queen.

In a few months they became the Star City’s sweethearts and the Queen heir was awaited with excitement  by everybody. Not a day went  by without at least a mention of  them in one of the newspapers. From galas to a simple walk, dressed up or dressed down, they were perfect.
Just like the picture in today's morning paper where they are shown to be  happy and in love, sitting face to face in a  coffee shop. Holding hands on the table, Oliver pulling her close, for a tender kiss. Even from far away, it was possible to see Chloe's round tummy. The article said it was the end of the eighth  month and she would soon give birth and her happiness was reflected on her face.

After tracing her features in the picture, Lex picked it up and moved away slowly toward a wall covered in articles and pictures.  Cover pages from gossip, fashion and pregnancy magazines, all featuring the same face.  Articles from the Daily Planet and The Torch, all written by the same woman.  Announcements from newspapers all concerning Chloe Sullivan-Queen.  His mouth curved up softly when once again he noticed that her smile on today's paper matched all the others that adorned  the bedroom. Never phony or forced, but always warm and fascinating.

The images of all the others he knew were part of her life couldn't be seen anymore, hidden under other clippings. Not Lois, her cousin, nor Clark, his supposedly best friend, not even Lana  his ex-wife - they were insignificant. No one mattered but her.  He had but one memory of his past and it was of Chloe.  In it, her blond hair was long and they were among trees….a forest? A glen? He couldn’t remember.  All he can see is Chloe looking at him with tenderness and gratitude as she said ‘Thanks Lex. I couldn't done without you'.  

The memory of Chloe - her voice,  a hug, a feeling of being one with her was the only thing keeping him sane, calming him just like the music he played on the piano while he looked at pictures her. He didn't know the name of the tune or how he remembered those musical notes but he played it to perfection, just like he didn't understand the connection with Chloe - it was just there.

‘Mr. Luthor’.  

Lex didn't stop playing and looked coldly at the man who was standing just outside his bedroom door. Another employee Lex couldn't trust but depended on until  he found out who was reliable.  

‘Oliver Queen is in the city, sir’ the servant, Ashley,  informed him. Without realizing it, Lex started playing faster, ignoring the pain in his right hand. His ungloved, deformed fingers start flying through the ivory keys with the mention of his old school friend, who was now married to the woman of his memories. Lex didn't know if Oliver was a good or bad man, but he didn't bring good feelings. The simple existence of Oliver Queen woke something hidden inside him, something strong, powerful and evil, that somehow didn't scare but excited him.

‘This means that Mrs. Queen is alone?’ asked Lex  ‘Yes’ confirmed Ashley.

Lex looked again at the latest picture on wall, at the couple’s obvious happiness and the underlying passion in every touch, kiss, look. Lex needed to understand himself, understand why the sight of Oliver’s arm around her messed with his morals and his sense of right and wrong.

Lex turned his attention to Ashley.  ‘Send her flowers. White lilies for the arrival of the heir’.  Ashley turned to leave and the door was almost closed when Lex added, ‘Make sure there's a rose, a single red rose between the lilies’

Lex’s fingers found the keys once again as he started a new song. Soft, slow and measured which, Lex reflected, was how he intended to achieve his many goals.

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